We have just experienced snow across the U.K. for the first time in two years. Seeing the snow through my daughters eyes has been magical and it inspired me to write this poem Snowy Days.

We spent our snow day both inside and outside in the garden.

Inside we started making piñata’s for the girls January birthdays and snuggling on the sofa watching Trolls Christmas. If you’re looking for inspiration on other things to watch this Christmas see my post on the best family Christmas films on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

In the garden we made a snowman and had a snow ball fight. My toddler was in her element just stomping around in her Wellington boots.

I hope you enjoy my poem, Snowy Days.

Snowy DaysSnowy Days

December approaches,
So it’s the end of the year.
Christmas time is upon us,
And the New Year draws near.

The temperature drops,
The cold winds blow,
Everyone is freezing,
And there’s a chance of some snow.

It’s the season of layers,
Children wrapped up warm,
Waiting in anticipation,
For that elusive snowstorm.

When the snow arrives,
Get the children outside.
But remember sensible shoes,
So they don’t slip or slide.

Build a snowman,
Have a snow fight,
Play in the snow,
From morning to night.

Then come home to heating,
Making sure their fed,
With a hot meal in tummy’s,
Time to snuggle up in a bed.

Winter is full of traditions,
The season of magic.
Time spent with love ones,
And a visit from St. Nick.

Before we know it,
We will be sliding into Spring,
So get out enjoy the season,
And don’t forget your stocking!

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We love Christmas traditions in our house and this is the first year we are doing Elf on a Shelf. As Christmas is approaching we have been discussing what should we do with our Elf called Mr Ben. I’m only looking at easy Elf on a Shelf ideas this year as we have young children and we start our new tradition. Perhaps in subsequent years we’ll become more adventurous!

Easy Elf on the Shelf ideas

Easy quick ideas for each day of advent.

Dec 1st – Elf brings advent calendars for the family

Dec 2nd – Elf hides in the branches of your newly decorated Christmas tree

Dec 3rd – Elf waits by the letter box for Christmas cards

Dec 4th – Elf takes a nap inside a tissue box

Dec 5th – Elf has a party with some of the kids toys

Dec 6th – Elf sits inside kids shoes left out side their bedroom for St Nick to fill

Dec 7th – Elf helps himself to a snack by hiding in the fridge

Dec 8th – Elf wraps himself in Christmas lightsDec 9th – Elf joins in with the nativity scene

Dec 10th – Elf reads a book

Dec 11th – Elf covers himself in stickers

Dec 12th – Elf makes a snow angel using powdered sugar or flour on the table

Dec 13th – Elf takes a ride on one the kids toys

Dec 14th – Elf hides amongst the toothbrushes

Dec 15th – Elf draws faces on bananas/oranges in the fruit bowl

Dec 16th – Elf falls asleep with the remote after watching tv

Dec 17th – Elf does some drawing or colouring in

Dec 18th – Elf is hungry again so hides amongst cereal boxes

Dec 19th – Elf spells out the kids names with building blocks or scrabble tiles

Dec 20th – Elf delivers a letter from Santa

Dec 21st – Elf builds a snowman from marshmallows

Dec 22nd – Elf has made it outside and is peaking in through the window

Dec 23rd – Elf checks this chimney or magic key to ensure everything is in order

Dec 24th – Elf sits proudly on the newly filled Christmas Eve box

We’ll be sharing our photos across advent on Instagram, which you can find here.


Christmas Eve boxes have been increasing in popularity each year.  A Christmas Eve box is a festive tradition where you take a box and fill it with goodies to enjoy on Christmas Eve. The trend started in the states and has been picked up around the world.

Now my eldest daughter is almost three we are going to start this tradition in our house. I got our boxes this year from Sue Ryder charity shop, £2.99 for two small boxes, perfect size for some pjs, treats and new Christmas books.

If you are looking for ideas to what you should put in your box this year see below my recommendations.

Christmas Eve Boxes

What should I include in my Christmas Eve Boxes?

There are so many creative ideas for what you can fill them with.
These are some favourites I’ve found;

  • Christmas PJs and socks – perfect for snuggling in together as a family.
  • Christmas book/story or film – something to watch together on Christmas Eve.
  • A family board game – perfect to share as a family across the holidays.
  • Snow globe or tree decoration – start a tradition to add a new one each year.
  • Sweet treats for the kids – most children love sweets or chocolate.
  • Hot chocolate powder – warm drinks to have while watching Christmas TV
  • Treats for Santa and his reindeer – a tipple for Santa and food to leave out for his helpers.
  • A plate for Santa’s treats – children will love leaving out the treats.
  • Bath bomb – encourage the children to have a bath before Christmas Day.
  • Letter from Santa – if they haven’t recieved one already.

Whatever you choose to fill them with, the children will enjoy the anticipation and process of opening them.
Christmas Eve boxes can also be sourced in places such as Home Bargains and Not On The High Street.

If you are looking for other traditons to enjoy over the Christmas season see my post on festive traditions.

Christmas is one of those wonderful family times where you can really indulge in creating Christmas traditions, These can be repeated year after year and will help make magical moments for you and your family.

Christmas Traditions

Here are a few favourites you could try in the run up to the big day;

Handmade Christmas Cards
A fun way to get into the Christmas spirit is making your own cards for family and friends. Even the youngest babies can join in with hand or foot painted print ideas.

Making Decorations
From collecting pine cones on walks, then painting them, to sewing new decorations, children of all ages can join in with this activity.

Decorating The Tree
A tradition for the whole family to enjoy, discovering old and new decorations to place on the tree together.

Writing To Santa
One for the older children, penning a wish list letter to Santa is a great way to get them excited.

Elf On A Shelf
A creative fun activity for adults and children however you choose to use these cheeky Elves. See my post here on Easy Elf on a Shelf ideas.

Advent Calendars
Handmade or shop bought, nothing builds the excitement more everyday than opening that days door.

St Nicholas Shoes
On the night of the 5th of December it is tradition for children to leave a shoe outside their door. If they have been good St Nicholas will fill it with sweets or a small gift.

Attending A Carol Concert
A wonderful way to get into the spirit of Christmas by listening to old and new classics as a family.

Visiting Santa
A treat for both the old and young going to visit Santa.

Giving Unto Others
Christmas is the perfect time to teach children to be thoughtful and generous to others. Donating presents, gifting to charities or volunteering can bring the true meaning of Christmas into your family traditions.

Festive Bakes
Christmas baking is a great traditional activity for all ages. Making your own Christmas cakes, gingerbread men and houses, mince pies and/or chocolate logs. You could even make gifts for your childrens teachers, see my post here.

Christmas Pantomime
Oh no you didn’t….one of the most traditional things to do during the festive season and something adults will enjoy as much as children.

Christmas Eve Boxes
A charming tradition for Christmas Eve. Ideas to put in the boxes include anything from new PJs, a festive film, hot chocolate packets, a new tree decoration, a new family board game and bath bombs, see my post here.

Crib/Chris-tingle Service
Usually held on Christmas Eve, a family friendly service at your local church will most definitely be an occasion to reflect and remember the origins of Christmas.

Santa And His Reindeer
Leaving food out for your hungry guests. Seeing that they have disappeared on Christmas morning adds that extra bit of magic.

Snowy Footprints
To add that extra bit of magic to your Christmas morning, use flour or ice sugar to make snowy footprints leading up to the tree.


Creating your own bespoke family traditions is half the fun. They will become the things that are remembered and treasured by your family forever.