During the first few month’s of your baby’s life you will spend an awful lot of time feeding your child. Now whilst it’s lovely to sit and stare at your baby for a while and take in the moment, eventually you will want and need something else to keep you occupied. This is when Netflix can become your best friend.

Netflix is brilliant for this as you can dip in and out when you can. There is a lot of choice on there for mum’s.


My Mum Netflix Top 10

  1. Orange Is The New Black – A comedy, drama series about a women minimum security prison in Danbury, United States. The plot follows the life of the women whilst in prison, and reflects back on how they got there. One to watch when your child is still young enough to not understand the plot (if they are in the room) as contains a fair bit of nudity and bad language.
  2. Mad Men – An american drama about an advertising agency mainly set in the 60s. The plot concentrates on one main character Don Draper, but also follows a number of other employes of the agency. Slick and fun, a great one to watch but a commitment as there are seven seasons to get through.
  3. Gilmore Girls – The story of a single mum and her daughter. The pair is both witty and smart, and very ambitious. As it’s a mix of comedy and drama, this is an easy watch.
  4. The Crown – A biographical story of Queen Elizabeth II. Excellent acting and amazing costumes, this one will take you right back to the 50s and 60s when our Queen married Philip.
  5. The OA – An American mystery drama series, which has an element of supernatural. The series is based on the story of a woman called Prairie, who reappears after going missing for seven years. Strange at times but actually quiet compelling viewing. An easy one to get into as there is only eight episodes to get through.
  6.  Chewing Gum – A British sitcom about a 24-year-old girl named Tracey who lives in London. She works at a small newsagent, and lives with her mum and sister. Silly at times but very funny, another easy watch.
  7. The Good Wife – This series focuses on the life of a woman called Alicia. She returns to law after being a stay at home mum, when her husband is involved in a scandal. Another one which requires some commitment as it ran for seven seasons, but worth it as its witty and has plenty of twists.
  8. Making A Murder – A documentary set in the states, which has become a cult hit. Filmed over ten years, the documentary follows the life of Steven Avery. He served time in prison for a crime he may or may not have committed, which the documentary explores.
  9. Black Mirror – Black Mirror is an interesting one, as it’s a British science fiction show. Each episode stands alone and explores issues in modern life. Strangely compelling.
  10. Glow – Based in the 1980s it looks at a women’s syndicate wrestling circuit, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting. Episodes are only 30 minutes so easier to squeeze in. Funny, smart and topped with glitter.

Before having children the word diastasis meant absolutely nothing to me. Now after welcoming my two precious people in the world it’s something I think about a lot. The Baby Center describes Diastasis Recti (official name) as what happens when the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen separate during pregnancy, leaving a gap that causes your belly to pooch out.

I had always been a curvy girl but at the same time had a relatively flat tum. After my first my body didn’t feel the same, but I had a bit more luxury of time to go to regular Buggyfit classes and attended weekly Slimming World meetings. My core, diastasis and pelvic floor were never an issue after this. In fact I was the slimmest I had ever been, losing three stone during my first maternity with Slimming World.

However very soon after returning to work, from my first maternity, I fell pregnant again. This is where bad habits started to creep in and soon weight started to creep back on. Tiredness from working, dealing with a young sleepless toddler and being pregnant meant I began to move less.  My body definitely didn’t cope with the effects of pregnancy the second time round.

It took at least six months post labour this time for me to start thinking seriously about my body and health again. This is when I started looking at options to help post natal recovery and discovered a course called Holistic Core Restore.

Holistic Core Restore

I booked onto their six-week foundation course, which focuses specifically on improving pelvic floor fitness and building core strength. It has been developed by Jenny Burrell, who built the course framework on the basis of the following principles:

  • Education
  • Movement
  • Nutrition

Each week I attended a class, which lasted about an hour, to learn specific exercises. We were tasked to carry these out these exercises at home over the following week. We also learn’t about specific nutrition to help restore core muscles. One of the lessons included learning about the healing effects of tumeric.

Holistic Core Restore diastasis homework equipment

Holistic Core Restore homework equipment

During the first weeks class my diastasis was checked and noted, so we could compare it back at the end of the course. I really tried to be consistent with the homework each day. This paid off, as by the end of the six weeks my core strength had improved significantly and my stomach muscles gap had reduced.

As well as improving my core strength I also really enjoyed the social aspect of the course. This was the first time I’d done anything for just me since having my youngest and was a welcome break from the house. There are numerous Holistic Core Restore coaches across the country so you can look up your own class (Find a coach).

Oh my long-lost friend how I do miss you! 

Sleep is without a doubt the number one thing I miss most about my life prior to children. I always assumed that sleep deprivation was something that only occurred in those early newborn days….boy was I wrong.

I now know that even as toddlers not many of them subscribe to our ideal image of sleeping through the night. Whether it’s tears at bedtime, waking in the night, nightmares or needing the toilet, sleep continues to elusive.

I have no idea what is around the corner for my children’s sleep habits. Best I don’t know and just live in the hope that one day I will be able to hang out again with my friend sleep.

My daughter Beth and I have just completed a full term of Baby Sensory.
They are a nation wide franchise of classes specifically developed to encourage sensory interactions for babies and toddlers.

Each class focuses on a theme, and activities are created around the theme to engage the children. Classes aim to utilise all the senses with lights, fabrics, toys, musical instruments and sounds/songs.

The changing nature of the class week by week means that the class not only is highly engaging for the child but also keeps the adults happy.

A few of the theme highlights we enjoyed this term were On The Farm and Space.

The class always starts with the welcome song, followed by some activities, a break and then ends with further activities and the goodbye song. The babies enjoy the structure of the class as they begin to learn the order. During the break the babies are given freedom to enjoy soft play which they love.

Our experience of Baby Sensory

I didn’t have many expectations for the class apart from enjoying the one on one time with my daughter. So I was pleasantly surprised to actually see Beth get involved in all the activities and enjoy the hour we spent there each week.

She particular enjoyed activities that included lights, balloons or musical instruments. The soft play also seemed to engage her, as it was different each week and matched the overall theme.


Sadly today was our last class as I will be returning to work in a few weeks. I am so happy we decided to do the term though, as I think it has made her more sociable with other babies which will help her transition to nursery.

If you are interested in attending other baby classes with your child, consider looking at your nearest Rhyme Time class. These are sessions run by libraries across the country.

Well this is me, Jen. I live in North West London and I’m a mum of two daughters, Rose and Beth.

Currently I’m on maternity (from working in advertising), so am using the opportunity to set up this blog and start writing about my life. This is just the start of my blogging adventure so I would love to get your feedback on whats good/bad working/not working.

We are always looking for new places to visit or suggestions of things to do as a family so please share. Hopefully you’ll enjoy our recounts of any adventures we find ourselves on.