My two-year old daughter is absolutely obsessed with films. She switches between each one and becomes completely obsessed. I didn’t realise that toddler obsessions was a thing until I had a toddler myself. writes about how obsessions are a way of them seeking routine and security which is very normal. The hard thing is monitoring how much you allow your child to indulge in their obsessions.

My daughter would watch some films on repeat all day if I let her. So screen time definitely has to be monitored. Before I had any babies I thought I would let them watch less TV than they do. I wrote about it in my post here.

Current film favourites

The one that is her current number favourite, is the film Trolls. She loves it so much she would watch the film every single day. She prefers the Trolls Holiday version but can quite happily sit through the full film.

Before Trolls the obsession was Moana and before that Frozen. This is my poem for my two-year old toddler.

Toddler Obsessions (a poem)

We’ve been out today,
So at home we will stay,
Its time to make a decision,
What do you want to watch on television.

Lets watch a flick,
You can choose one quick.
Moana you cry,
Ok one more time I sigh.

All the songs we know,
How far I’ll go.
Eyes glued to the screen,
Don’t try to interveen.

Sometimes we turn to Frozen,
So with the dvd it goes in.
A world of ice and snow.
We all know Let it go.

You changed the film somehow.
Trolls is a favourite now.
With colour, sparkles and glitter.
It gives Mum a break to check out Twitter.

Toddler obsessions watching films

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We all seem to have access to one or more streaming platforms these days. With the amount of choice out there, it can be a nightmare working out what to watch with the children. There is nothing better though than sitting down with the family and watching a Christmas film.

Across Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV here are the best family friendly Christmas films available in the UK.

Family Christmas Films


Arthur Christmas – Animated film about the son of Santa who goes out of his way to deliver a missing gift.

Nativity – A funny film about a teacher directing the school Nativity at St Bernadette’s.

Miracle on 34th Street – A classic favourite about a little girl learning to believe in Santa Clause.

Santa Claws – Cats have to take over from a sick Santa and rescue Christmas.

Love Actually (coming Dec 14th) – A film that brings together eight separate stories about love in the run up to Christmas.

Amazon Prime

Elf – A human orphan baby is raised by Santa’s elves. The film focuses on Elf as an adult searching for where he belongs in New York. One of the funniest Christmas movies.

Nativity 3 (Where’s My Donkey) – Third in the Nativity series, back again for a big adventure including flash mobs, elves and carols.

Now TV

Disney A Christmas Carol – Animated adaption of a Christmas classic by Charles Dickens’

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Misadventure of a character Jack Skellington, who discovers Christmastown.

The Grinch – Dr. Seuss’ hit story of the creature ‘The Grinch’.

The Polar Express – Animated story of a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa, until a train conductor takes him on a journey to the North Pole.

Frozen – Not strictly a Christmas film but contains lots of ice so perfect for this time of year.

If you are looking for something to watch without the kids, see my post of top Netlfix shows for mums.

*Films were available on the above platforms at time of publishing.

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