It has just over a month since I ended my second maternity and started back at work (my returning to work post). Whilst there have been highs and lows of being at work, home life seems to have gone up a notch in terms of management. Not only do that kids have to be looked after pre/post working hours, but there’s still food to be made, clothes to be washed and a house to be cleaned.  The list of chores is endless and is never complete. I have now come to the realisation that when you have a two parent working household, your life turns into a circus. This our my reasons why my life is like a circus (what’s a circus).

My life is like a circus

Circus we took the girls to at Christmas

My life is like a circus

The juggler

My husband and I are a juggling act, as we work out our schedules for pick up and drop offs, running errands, doing chores, cooking meals, visitings friends. In a strange coincidence my husband has started to learn to juggle actual juggling balls. He hopes that one day he will be able to do a full juggling show for the girls birthdays.

The clown

My life is like a circus

The juggler

No this is not me and my makeup before I head to work, or at least I hope not!

Not only do my children act like clowns a lot/most of the time. Both my husband and I both become clowns on a regular basis in our house when playing with the kids. This includes acting as lions (see lion tamer below).

The tightrope walker

There are times of the day that you have to tread very careful in our house. When over tiredness kicks in, careful consideration of words and actions with toddlers is highly advisable. I walk the tightrope line at least once a day to avoid a complete meltdown.

The magician/illusionist

My eldest daughter fulfills the role of the magician very well. She disappears when she wants, likes to pull tricks on people and can transform her self from a lovable three-year old to a terror tot in 5 seconds!

The lion tamer

Every night in our house the girls like to play lions. Daddy gets on the floor and they take it in turns to jump on him! As he is the lion I would say that I am the lion tamer as I then try to calm the girls back down before books and bedtime.

The contortionist

My youngest is amazing at this, as she throws her body to around to avoid any attempt at adding or removing clothes. No one can understand how strong a baby can be, until they need to change a vest when they have finally learnt their independence.

The ring master

I like to think this is me, the head honcho of the family and master of ceremonies. Bringing all the many part and people together to run as smoothly as possible every single show time.

Have you found that your life is like a circus as well? If so it would be great to receive your comments.
If you’re a working parent or decided to be a stay at home parent, here are my poems for you (saved here).

Squires Garden Centre Christmas Circus reviewToday I took my girls with their cousin to the Squires Garden Centre to see the Christmas Circus. This is my own personal Squires Garden Centre Christmas Circus review.

The show is running across Christmas and then post-Christmas is followed by a traditional circus up until New Year.

Squires is a national chain of garden centres, running for about 80 years. They sell plants, garden equipment and also gifts.

Squires Garden Centre Christmas Circus Review

What is it?

I’d never heard of a Christmas circus either. As my daughters are under three they have never been to a circus before so I thought that this sounded like an interesting event to go to.

As the circus is aimed at young children the acts are kept quiet tame. In Stanmore where we attended they had balancing, juggling, aerial and comedy acts.

All of our children aged 6, 2 and 10 months seemed to enjoy the show. Laughing, gasping and clapping along which is all you could hope for really.

In reality there is little to do with Christmas within the acts, just a few nods to the season such as Christmas music and some snow themed equipment. However it doesn’t really matter there is  Christmas atmosphere as you sit in the cold wrapped up in layers!

The show last about an hour which is enough for the young children and the adults. For myself I found the acts cheesy at times, but they were pitched at the right level for young children to enjoy most.

What’s included?

Meeting Santa at Squires

Tickets include entrance for the circus and the hours performance, followed by a very brief meet and greet with Santa and a small gift.

Extras you can buy when there are snacks such as popcorn and candy floss, and toys such as glow sticks.

Where is it on?

Squires has a number of Garden Centres across the U.K. and the following branches are holding the Christmas Circus:

Badshot Lea – Hosted by Ringmaster Attila Endresz with Billy the clown. Featuring new jaw-dropping acts: Aerial umbrella & rope, Bounce juggling, Cube manipulation, Gym ball acrobatics, Mind-blowing illusions and The Incredible Mr Slinky.

Shepperton – Hosted by Ringmaster Laci Schlinlof with clowns Bumble & Picolo. Featuring new jaw-dropping acts: Ariel cube, Knife throwing, Trapeze, Bubble fantasy, Slack-wire balancing and Juggling.

Stanmore – Hosted by Ringmaster Chris Balthrop with Andrea the clown. Featuring new jaw-dropping acts: Aerial skills, Aerial cube, Uni-cycling, Juggling, Rola rola balancing and Rolling globes.

Washington – Hosted by Ringmaster Ross with Pip the clown. Featuring new jaw-dropping acts: Ariel straps, Rola rola balancing, Juggling, Bounce juggling on drums and Ariel ropes.

Is it worth it?

If you are looking for a fun experience for the children this is great one to choose. It’s a cheesy, funny and enjoyable family friendly experience. At £12 a ticket it won’t break the bank too much.

However if you were looking for a more immersive Christmas experience, there are other events on around the UK which would offer this better. If you are based in North West London look at my other post on what to do in Harrow and surrounding area this Christmas. Hopefully that will give you some inspiration during the festive period.