To celebrate our two daughters birthdays we took them on a day trip to London and visited the Sea Life aquarium London. We thought it would be a good place to visit for both their ages as they turned three and one. I wrote a poem each for the girls on their birthdays saved here; Turning Three and Turning One.

Sea Life Aquarium London Review

What and where is it?

Sea Life aquarium London is part of Merlin group. It is based on the South Bank in London just next to the London Eye and on the opposite side of the river to Big Ben.

The aquarium contains a variety of fish, sharks and even houses some penguins. You start your trip by walking over the Shark Walk, which is a glass floor over the shark tank. The girls were a little scared of it, but it got them excited for seeing the fish,

How much is it?

Tickets for just the aquarium are as follows:

Child (3+) – £21

Adult – £26

*based on time of publishing

You can buy tickets online before hand and save up to 20% or you could use a voucher if your able to get your hands on one for discounted entry.

Best Bits

The Sea Life aquarium London is the perfect day trip for very young children. The visuals as soon as you enter the aquarium are spectacular.The children especially loved helping to feed the sting rays, seeing the jellyfish in changing colours, peeking into the big tanks of fish and stroking the starfish.

Sea Life Aquarium London

The aquarium can be enjoyed by all ages, I really liked seeing the huge variety of fish and seeing the excitment through my daughters eyes.

What could be better?

The penguins were beautiful but hard for little ones to see. The area gets very busy as crowds try to see them. My little ones got pushed aside as they tried to squeeze in.

Their toilets are found near the beginning and end of the tour round. It’s a good idea to take little ones to one as soon as you see it, especially if they have only just been potty trained.


We loved the Sea Life aquarium London and would definitely recommend it for any age. The cost can add up when there are a few of you so look out for 241 deals and discount tickets. There is lots to do afterwards as well with the South Bank on the door step.

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