As my youngest daughter approaches her first birthday I’m now in the process of getting rid of my baby stuff. We have had a house full of bouncers, jumpers and playmats for the last three years. Now as my daughters are that little bit older we are doing a de-clutter. If the items are still usable you can choose either to give things to friends, pass on to charity or sell your items. Selling items can be a bit of a mind-field and I have been asked my other mums how I do it. This post will cover my tips on selling your baby stuff.

We have given some things to friends, especially clothes as there is little value in second-hand items. New or nearly new dressing up clothes and outfits can be sold on, but generally if they’re not from a well-known brand you won’t get much for them. Baby equipment fares much better and some items hold half their value even when second-hand. Do your research based on what item you have to sell to get the best price.

Selling your baby stuff


A popular second-hand selling marketplace. You can set your items to a buy now price or put on auction. You can also choose to sell them locally only or post if your happy to.

Its worth checking how well other items are selling on eBay first before adding your own listing. This will help you set the price you want to pitch your item at.

Its worth remembering on eBay you will have to pay fees on your final selling price and via PayPal, so other online marketplaces might be worth considering. However you are more protected if you sell via eBay as they look after the payment side of the exchange.

Best For: eBay is best for items that you are happy to post out and items that well sort after.


Gumtree is an online selling marketplace where you can list you items for sale for free. Your item is unlikely to reach as many potential sellers as eBay but will be more noticed in your local area.

Like eBay its worth doing your research on what items sell for in your local area. Somethings might be better priced on eBay, if they aren’t in demand in your area but are somewhere else in the UK.

There are a couple of other online marketplaces that run in a similar way to Gumtree, including Shpock and Preloved.

Best For: Items you want to sell locally only.

Facebook Local Groups

Across the UK there are many local selling groups. Just search your area to find the nearest groups to you. Add a post and list what you want for them.

Selling items on Facebook groups may be hit or miss as your only reaching potential sellers in your local area. Be prepared that you may be approached to negotiate on your items, so stick to your guns on what you want for things.

Best For: Small items that you are happy to get rid of for a low price and/or items you want to give away free.

Baby Sales

There are a whole series of baby sales across the country, some of them run as a table top sale where you sell your own items and others as ticket sales where you price your items and they are sold by others.

Some of the biggest franchises across the UK are:

Lots For Tots Sale
Mum 2 Mum Market
NCT Nearly New Sales
Baby and Childrens Market
Cheeki Monkeys

Check your local area for when your next sale is on, as they run across the year.

At these sales generally people are looking for a bargain so be reasonable with your pricing. Aim too high and you won’t sell anything.

If you are running the table top sale yourself, be prepared for some serious bargaining. Buyers will be out for the best deal, so if your happy get involved in some haggling.

An alternative to a baby sale are car boot sales, where you could do a de-clutter of more than just baby items. Car boots are run across the UK so search your local area for your nearest ones.

Best For: Getting rid of lots of items in one day.

Charity donations

If you don’t want to sell or you don’t have anyone else to pass on your thigns to a great way to de-clutter is to donate to charity. There are hundreds of charities running charity shops in highstreets across the UK, so find your local one to donate.

Some of the larger charities who accept baby items include Save The Children and Oxfam.

Once you have completed selling your baby stuff or giving them away, I’m sure your youngster will quickly fin new things to fill the space with!

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world and deserve a treat at this time of year. However Christmas time can be very expensive for the family, with presents to buy, places to visit and food to be bought. If you have the time handmade gifts can not only save you money but also be loved by the recipient. Making your own gifts for teachers is also a great way to get the little ones involved.

To get inspiration on gifts for your teachers there are some lovely ideas on Pinterest. Some of the nicest and easiest homemade teacher Christmas gift ideas are listed below. Tweaking and personalising the gifts yourself will ensure that the gift you give is unique.

Best homemade teacher Christmas gift ideas

Food Christmas gift ideas


This is a great alternative to buying a big box of chocolates, if you little one has lots of teachers. You can get your child to decorate them at home for that added bit of personalisation.

Image: Shared by on Pinterest

Place one or two in clear plastic bags and tie with ribbons when handing over to your teachers.

Mini box of chocolate truffles

Truffles are so easy to make and a hit with any chocolate lover. Kids can help with the shaping of the truffles and adding any sprinkles.

Image: Shared by on Pinterest

For gifting them, place a handful in small boxes. These can be bought from craft shops or even supermarkets in the Christmas isles.

Make your own cookie jar

Fill a clean jam jar with the ingredients for your teacher to make cookies at home. Then decorate with festive ribbons and tags to make them look extra Christmassy.

Image: Shared by on Pinterest

Decoration Christmas gift ideas

Tree decoration

A personalised decoration for your teacher will be loved for years to come. You could use these decorate your own baubles from Aldi and make six personalised ones at home.

Image: Shared by Jacqueline Brodie on Pinterest

Jam jar candle holder

Take a clean empty jam jar and paint with glue and add lots and lots of glitter.

Image: Shared by Coco 29 on Pinterest

Keep images simple such as a tree canopy to ensure the pattern stays with the glitter. Present to your teacher with the candle inside.

These ideas have all been choosen as they are easy to make, children can get involved and they are actually useful or pretty items. Whatever you choose to make to say thankyou, teachers will appreciate the sentiment you put in by creating something personal for them.


Mum Muddling Through

Aldi have a number of special craft kits in store for Christmas, they are a great activity to do with the kids. We recently decorated and reviewed the Aldi Christmas Fairy and Elf doors. The other kit we picked up in store was the paint your own Christmas baubles set. Like the Fairy and Elf doors, these sets are in store for £1.99 with all profits going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Included in the Christmas bauble kit

In the box you get six ready to paint baubles, two packs of glitter (silver and gold), a paint brush, some hanging string and a set of paints (mainly in primary colours).

Rose and I took the opportunity whilst the youngest was asleep to get cracking on them. We painted them using the colours in the pack and then whilst still wet we covered them in glitter.

Decorating them would be a fun activity for any age, but probably best from two and half years old up, as the glitter does get everywhere!

We are using the ones Rose decorated as a nice Christmas present for the grandparents, as they love a handmade gift (so I haven’t included a photo). However I kept two aside to personalise with the kids names, for our own Christmas tree. This kit could make your own personalised baubles for the whole family at next to nothing.


Not only is the market flush with alternative advent calendars for kids this year (Best Advent Calendars Ideas For Kids), there is also a lot of choice for us mums. Unless you have a partner who thinks ahead and treats you to one, it is probably best to buy your own so you get what you want! We definitely deserve to treat ourselves once in a while.

Top choices for mum’s advent calendars include:


Candle Advent Calendars

Christmas Tealight Advent Calendar – £25

John Lewis tealight advent calendar comes with 24 scented tealights and holder.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar – £34.99

Always a popular one, includes tealight candles based on festive fragrances.


Beauty Advent Calendars

Clarins 12 Days Advent Calendar – £60

Includes samples of some of Clarins top products.

Decleor Beauty Advent Calendar – £65

24 skin saviours from the bestselling ranges, including Hydra Floral and Aurabsolu.

Liz Earle Advent Calendar – £66

The 12 Days of Christmas, featuring iconic classics, skincare solutions, fine fragrance and all-important accessories.

Nuxe Beauty Advent Calendar – £49

A collection of luxurious skin and body care treats from NUXE.


Alcohol Advent Calendars (it’s Christmas after all!)

Virgin Wines Advent Calendar – £79.99

24 individual servings of wine, by Virgin.

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar – £49.99

24 bottles of red, white, rosé and fizz include in this advent calendar.

That Boutiquey Gin Advent Calendar – £99.95

3cl gin samples from the world’s first independent gin bottler.

Pip Stop Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar – £125

Add some extra sparkle to your Christmas with this calendar full of sparkling wines.


Jewellery Advent Calendars

Johnny Loves Rosie Advent Calendar – £55

25 doors to open with a mix of jewellery inside including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms.

Trouva Nutcracker Advent Calendar – £25

Charm braclet, with charms each day.

Lisa Angel Personaled Jewellery Advent Calendar – £55

Personalised packing, including luxury charm jewellery for 12 days of Christmas.

Aldi Jewellery Advent Calendar – £9.99

One of the most afforable alternative advent calendars available in Aldi stores.

Advent calendars are one of the best traditions to count down to Christmas with the kids. See my full list of other Christmas traditions you can try at home; Making Memorable Moments.

There are so many different advent calendars on the market this year. Gone are the days when you can only buy a chocolate calendar in the shops, even though we still love them.

Whatever your child is interested in there is plenty of choice.
Some of the best alternative advent calendars on the market for children are:

Kids Toy Advent Calendars

Happy Land – £25.99

Each door hides a fun Happy Land surprise.

Playmobil Advent Calendar – £19.99

There are a few themes of calendar available including Jewel Thief Police, Christmas On The Farm, Dress Up Party, Royal Ice Skating Trip and Pirate Treasure Island.

Lego City Advent Calendar – £19

24 different items, including 6 mini figures.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar – £18

24 items from the Lego Friends range.

Peppa Pig – Asda £25

12 Peppa Pig characters and 12 accessories.

Paw Patrol – £24.99

17 Paw Patrol figures and 7 accessories.

Early Learning Centre Big City Advent Calendar – £25

18 x vehicles, 3 sets of figures, 3 x road signs.

VTech Toot Toot Advent Calendar – £24

24 fun play pieces including a cute Toot-Toot Animals Reindeer and baby, Christmas decorations and more.

Thomas and Friends Advent Calendar – £35

Includes 24 minis and some special Christmas gifts.

Wow Toys Advent Calendar – £15

A new town themed toy everyday, matching the numbers with the fold down play scene.

Kids Craft Advent Calendars

Crayola Christmas Countdown – £19.99

Lots of Crayola items to get crafty.

Smiggle Advent Calendar – £25

All limited edition Smiggle items.

Early Learning Centre Soft Stuff Advent Calendar – £25

Includes 6 tubs of dough and 18 accessories.

Alternative Food Advent Calendars

Kellogg’s Selection Pack – £4 (Tesco)






Pringles – £7.99 B&M stores

Contains 12 tubs of Pringles for the 12 days of Christmas.

Organix Goodies Advent Calendar – £3.75 (plus postage)

Ideal for toddlers if you don’t want them having chocolate, inlcuding Gingerbread men and Alphabet biscuits.


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