Repeating yourself is something you definitely have to get used to with little ones. They have the ability to master the skill of being able to pretend they’re not listening at any time. Apart from when you ask them if they want a snack, then you can literally see ears prick up!

On the other hand, patience is not a skill that many little ones master. As soon as mum needs to do something, that is when all ability to be patient goes out the window.

With a toddler at home, I find my self repeating the mantra ‘two minutes’, so I can get on with the long list of household chores. This is my ode to my inpatient toddler.

Two minutes

Two minutes, two minutes,
I’ll just be two minutes.
Washing up, cleaning clothes,
The fairies will do it I suppose.

Two minutes, two minutes,
I’ll just be two minutes.
Cooking tea, mop the floor,
I’m really trying not to be a bore.

Two minutes, two minutes,
I’ll just be two minutes.
Tidying up, clean the bin,
Someone pass me a massive gin.

Two minutes, two minutes,
I’ll just be two minutes.
Almost done, I’ll be right there,
Please stop pulling your sisters hair.

One minute, one minute,
I promise only just one more minute.
Grab your coat. Where is your shoe?
Now you tell me you need a poo.

So it’s my turn to wait, which I hate,
And unsurprisingly we are running late,
But two minutes, two minutes,
We’ll be leaving in two minutes.

Mudpie Fridays

There is nothing better than seeing your child’s face on Christmas morning. However as each year passes our houses slowly start filling up with more toys. This made me think of the presents I like to call Christmas crap.

Christmas Crap

Oh please don’t give her that,
Our house is already full of crap.
We already have a gigantic bear,
He’s so big he needs a chair.

A trampoline takes up so much room,
A box that big fills us with doom.
Plastic bits all over my floor,
Makes cleaning up such a chore.

One small gift is enough,
We don’t mean to be so tough.
But we are running out of space,
Money as a gift would be ace.

The Mummy Bubble

My husband has been working late the last couple of nights and it made me think how much I miss the hearing my daughter shout out ‘daddy’s home’.

Daddy’s home

Daddy’s home
Finally I’m not alone
Kids are great
But I miss my mate

Daddy’s gone
But the day goes on
Kids make mess
Carry on nether less

Till daddy’s home
Try not to moan
Or have a row
He’s home now