During the summer we took my two daughters to visit Peppa Pig World. It was our first time visiting there as both of our girls are Peppa mad. This is my Peppa Pig World Review, all opinions are my own and this is based on our personal experience.

Peppa Pig World

What and where is it?

Peppa Pig World is part of Paultons Park based in the New Forest, England. Paultons Park is a theme park in its own right with over 70 rides. Peppa Pig World sits inside the theme park as a distinct area.

If your never heard of Peppa Pig I’m not sure where you have been! You can discover more about this pink pig and her friends here.

Peppa Pig World contains rides, life-size figurines, food outlets, a gift shop and a chance to meet your favourite characters.

How much is it?

Depending on when you go it costs just under £20 a head to get into the whole park. It’s the same price for adults and children.

Children under a metre in height go in free but this is with shoes on. As a warning they are super strict on it so if you child is bang on a metre you will have to pay.

The total cost for a whole family can be a bit off putting, but you do get a lot for you money if you maximise a full day there.

Best Bits

The best bit for me as an adult was watching the amazement in my daughters eyes. She honestly couldn’t contain her excitement from being there.

In my toddlers opinion the best bits were the rides and getting to meet Peppa and George.

Our favourite rides were Grandpa Pigs Boat Trip, George’s Dinosaur Adventure and Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride. All the rides are suitable for toddlers and some are even ok for babies which makes Peppa Pig World very inclusive.

Peppa and George have set times to come out so you can meet them. You can queue up to have a short meet and greet and take photos. They also walk around Peppa Pig World so the children can wave and talk to their favourite characters. This was wonderful for the little ones.

Not to be forgotten is the rest of Paultons Park! We were so glad we didn’t spend the whole day just in Peppa Pig World as the park has lots of other areas to it. There are the gardens and lake,  birds and animals, the lost Kingdom (dinosaur theme area) and plenty of other rides.

With my toddler we thought we would be limited to only Peppa Pig World but she was able to go on many more including the Raging River Login Flume, Seal Falls, Digger Ride and the traditional carousel.

She loved the log flume so much we ended up going on it 6 times!

What could be better?

We went after the school summer holidays on a weekday and Peppa Pig World was still busy.  We had to queue for everything including the rides and meet and greet. Toddlers and queuing do not mix so be prepared to find other things to keep them occupied.

Typically for a theme park the food choices were rather limited. In the majority of outlets choice was generally between burger or hotdogs with chips.


Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park makes for a wonderful day trip with the children. It is a brilliant for Peppa Pig fans, but I’m sure those who aren’t would get a lot from it as well.

We are planning on going again next year, as my almost three-year old still talks about her day seeing Peppa.

I hope this Peppa Pig World Review has been helpful for you, thanks for reading.

As I watch my two-year old daughter play with her friends, it got me thinking how much adults could learn from their friendships. There is a wonderful freedom to friendships at the toddler age, which gets lost as we grow older. So what can we learn from toddler friendships?

Toddler Friendships

It’s good to have a giggle

Toddler friendshipsToddlers together can find the simplest of things funny. It’s such a positive experience having a giggle and laugh with friends.

Us mums can sometimes get too bogged down with all the serious stuff in life. We need to follow the lead of our toddlers and laugh more with our friends.

Its fun to be silly

Like having a giggle, being silly is definitely something toddlers enjoy doing together. From blowing raspberries, jumping in muddy puddles to dancing to a favourite tune, being silly is a lot of fun!

We lose a lot of our silliness as we grow older, but even if its singing along to some karaoke, doing some exercise or playing a game there are ways to be silly as an adult with friends.

Learn from your friends

Toddlers are always learning from each other, taking the time to watch how their friends approach a challenge.

We should never stop learning, especially from those close to us. Learning from your friends is an important bonding exercise as it empowers everyone.

Try new things together

Toddlers are constantly trying out new things, and they love doing this with their friends. Sometimes is the simplest things that give them most pleasure, such as trying out a new play park with a friend.

As adults there is plenty of new things we could do with our friends. From visiting a new restaurant, going on a day trip together or visiting a spa if you can get a day away from the kids.

Eat together to build bonds

Toddlers are constantly eating so it’s no surprise they spend a lot of time eating with their friends.

Eating together with friends is important for adults as well, as its builds bonds. The University of Chicago ran a study of how eating together helps builds trust, which is fundamental for all friendships.

Rest when you need to

Toddlers are not afraid to tell us when they have had enough and they just need to rest. Spending time with friends can be tiring so sometimes we just need a break.

We shouldn’t be afraid to have a rest or break from our friends to regain our energy. A true friend will understand when we need rest.


Becoming a mum means that your own friendships do suffer a bit as you juggle the family and home. Your children’s life take over and their friendships take priority (at all ages not just the toddler friendships). Its can be extremely important for your own self-care to focus on your own friendships when you can.

We have just experienced snow across the U.K. for the first time in two years. Seeing the snow through my daughters eyes has been magical and it inspired me to write this poem Snowy Days.

We spent our snow day both inside and outside in the garden.

Inside we started making piñata’s for the girls January birthdays and snuggling on the sofa watching Trolls Christmas. If you’re looking for inspiration on other things to watch this Christmas see my post on the best family Christmas films on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV.

In the garden we made a snowman and had a snow ball fight. My toddler was in her element just stomping around in her Wellington boots.

I hope you enjoy my poem, Snowy Days.

Snowy DaysSnowy Days

December approaches,
So it’s the end of the year.
Christmas time is upon us,
And the New Year draws near.

The temperature drops,
The cold winds blow,
Everyone is freezing,
And there’s a chance of some snow.

It’s the season of layers,
Children wrapped up warm,
Waiting in anticipation,
For that elusive snowstorm.

When the snow arrives,
Get the children outside.
But remember sensible shoes,
So they don’t slip or slide.

Build a snowman,
Have a snow fight,
Play in the snow,
From morning to night.

Then come home to heating,
Making sure their fed,
With a hot meal in tummy’s,
Time to snuggle up in a bed.

Winter is full of traditions,
The season of magic.
Time spent with love ones,
And a visit from St. Nick.

Before we know it,
We will be sliding into Spring,
So get out enjoy the season,
And don’t forget your stocking!

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As my youngest daughter approaches her first birthday I’m now in the process of getting rid of my baby stuff. We have had a house full of bouncers, jumpers and playmats for the last three years. Now as my daughters are that little bit older we are doing a de-clutter. If the items are still usable you can choose either to give things to friends, pass on to charity or sell your items. Selling items can be a bit of a mind-field and I have been asked my other mums how I do it. This post will cover my tips on selling your baby stuff.

We have given some things to friends, especially clothes as there is little value in second-hand items. New or nearly new dressing up clothes and outfits can be sold on, but generally if they’re not from a well-known brand you won’t get much for them. Baby equipment fares much better and some items hold half their value even when second-hand. Do your research based on what item you have to sell to get the best price.

Selling your baby stuff


A popular second-hand selling marketplace. You can set your items to a buy now price or put on auction. You can also choose to sell them locally only or post if your happy to.

Its worth checking how well other items are selling on eBay first before adding your own listing. This will help you set the price you want to pitch your item at.

Its worth remembering on eBay you will have to pay fees on your final selling price and via PayPal, so other online marketplaces might be worth considering. However you are more protected if you sell via eBay as they look after the payment side of the exchange.

Best For: eBay is best for items that you are happy to post out and items that well sort after.


Gumtree is an online selling marketplace where you can list you items for sale for free. Your item is unlikely to reach as many potential sellers as eBay but will be more noticed in your local area.

Like eBay its worth doing your research on what items sell for in your local area. Somethings might be better priced on eBay, if they aren’t in demand in your area but are somewhere else in the UK.

There are a couple of other online marketplaces that run in a similar way to Gumtree, including Shpock and Preloved.

Best For: Items you want to sell locally only.

Facebook Local Groups

Across the UK there are many local selling groups. Just search your area to find the nearest groups to you. Add a post and list what you want for them.

Selling items on Facebook groups may be hit or miss as your only reaching potential sellers in your local area. Be prepared that you may be approached to negotiate on your items, so stick to your guns on what you want for things.

Best For: Small items that you are happy to get rid of for a low price and/or items you want to give away free.

Baby Sales

There are a whole series of baby sales across the country, some of them run as a table top sale where you sell your own items and others as ticket sales where you price your items and they are sold by others.

Some of the biggest franchises across the UK are:

Lots For Tots Sale
Mum 2 Mum Market
NCT Nearly New Sales
Baby and Childrens Market
Cheeki Monkeys

Check your local area for when your next sale is on, as they run across the year.

At these sales generally people are looking for a bargain so be reasonable with your pricing. Aim too high and you won’t sell anything.

If you are running the table top sale yourself, be prepared for some serious bargaining. Buyers will be out for the best deal, so if your happy get involved in some haggling.

An alternative to a baby sale are car boot sales, where you could do a de-clutter of more than just baby items. Car boots are run across the UK so search your local area for your nearest ones.

Best For: Getting rid of lots of items in one day.

Charity donations

If you don’t want to sell or you don’t have anyone else to pass on your thigns to a great way to de-clutter is to donate to charity. There are hundreds of charities running charity shops in highstreets across the UK, so find your local one to donate.

Some of the larger charities who accept baby items include Save The Children and Oxfam.

Once you have completed selling your baby stuff or giving them away, I’m sure your youngster will quickly fin new things to fill the space with!

We are taught to believe that pregnancy is a magical time in our life. Hollywood films showcase pregnancy with women glowing, wandering round in high heels, with perfect hair and makeup. These images put added pressure on women to have the ideal pregnancy. But for me pregnancy sucks. I will explain why I didn’t enjoy pregnancy.

Why I didn’t enjoy pregnancy

I suffered a multitude of symptoms during both my pregnancies. These all took away a lot of the joy that pregnancy does bring to many.

Morning Sickness

With both of my pregnancies I suffered severe ‘morning sickness’ for the first 16 weeks. The first 12 weeks were the worst, as it was too early for me to tell everyone but it was hard to hide when you need to throw up once an hour. After 12 weeks the sickness softened to a nausea, which continued for a further four weeks.

Travelling on the tube to work was a nightmare as your trapped inside for long periods at a time. None of the traditional remedies such as ginger tea or sea-sick bands worked for me, so I was very happy when these symptoms eventually passed. If your interested in trying the sickness bands for yourself they can be found here Sea-Band Mama Acupressure Wristband (this is an affiliates link).

Feeling Uncomfortable

As you get bigger you generally start to feel more uncomfortable. Sleeping with a bowling ball in front of you becomes tricky. I used a pregnancy pillow to help me feel more comfortable, like this one on Amazon Orthopaedic V-Shaped Pillow Nursing Pregnancy Back Support Pillow (this is an affiliates link). A pillow like this can used in pregnancy and then during feeding sessions with the new baby.

An important note about sleeping during pregnancy is that Tommy’s (the pregnancy/baby charity) launched a campaign in Nov 2017 called #sleeponside. The campaign is trying to drive awareness of the benefits of sleeping on your side in pregnancy to reduce the chance of a stillbirth.

I also suffered from leg cramps, sometimes known as a Charley horse. These results extremely uncomfortable as your whole calf muscle in your leg seizes up and shooting pain travels up your body. Parents.com recommend standing with each feet on the ground to stretch the muscle and relieve some pain.

Maternity Clothing

Buying maternity clothing on the UK high street is not easy, there are still limited shops where they sell a maternity range. Online there are a few shops that offer a better choice, but there are improvements that could be made.

Tension headaches

Towards the end of pregnancy I would occasionally suffer with tension headaches. I tried to avoid painkillers so the best thing I could use to help was 4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick – 3.6g (this is an affiliates link). 4head is a cooling stick that you rub on your head to ease the headache.

The midwives looking after me weren’t concerned with my headaches as my blood pressure stayed normal. If you do suffer with them whilst pregnant do make sure you also mention them to your midwife as it can be a symptom of Pre-eclampsia.


During my first and third trimesters I suffered from extreme exhaustion. I love sleep anyway and could quite happily sleep 9 hours a night (if I wasn’t awaken continuously). However during pregnancy some days my body would want 10+ hours.

During my first pregnancy I would just sleep after work and rest was easier. During my second pregnancy this was trickier as I had a 1-year-old to contend with. Often my husband would take over looking after the toddler so I could sneak in 30 minutes when coming home from work.

Weight gain

After morning sickness diminished I started out feel hungry. I craved everything and anything that is bad for you. So inevitably I had weight gain in both my pregnancies.

I was able to control myself slightly better second time round. But even now 10 months on from birth I still find myself needing to lose weight.

Needing the bathroom

As your baby grows so does the pressure on your bladder. Having to pee continuously is ok in the day (if your near a bathroom) but ends up being a major problem when it starts disrupting your already broken sleep.

Night sweats

Towards the end of both of my pregnancies I would suffer extreme night sweats. Going to sleep and waking up drenched meant several changes each night. This is a hidden symptom of pregnancy you don’t hear a lot about before it happens.

What I did love about pregnancy

Baby kicks

Now this is magic, feeling those wonderful small little kicks and movements. I started to feel movements around 18 weeks with both of mine. Those kicks helped build connection with the baby, as they helped build a realisation my baby was well and truly on the way to join the world.


Seeing my precious daughters on the monitor was one for the most magical experiences of my life. Looking at their tiny bodies and hearing the heart beating, really brought home for me the miracle of the human body and pregnancy.

For me both of my experiences with pregnancy were challenging at times, but overall a blessing. I am thankful ever day when I look at my daughters, for what my body achieved. I’m just sure that twice was blessing enough for me!

Self care for mums is a post I wrote about mums taking ownership of their own mental and physical health. This is particularly importantly during pregnancy, so if you suffer from any of these symptoms ensure you raise it with your health care professionals.

Please note that this article includes affiliate links.


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