Not only is the market flush with alternative advent calendars for kids this year (Best Advent Calendars Ideas For Kids), there is also a lot of choice for us mums. Unless you have a partner who thinks ahead and treats you to one, it is probably best to buy your own so you get what you want! We definitely deserve to treat ourselves once in a while.

Top choices for mum’s advent calendars include:


Candle Advent Calendars

Christmas Tealight Advent Calendar – £25

John Lewis tealight advent calendar comes with 24 scented tealights and holder.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar – £34.99

Always a popular one, includes tealight candles based on festive fragrances.


Beauty Advent Calendars

Clarins 12 Days Advent Calendar – £60

Includes samples of some of Clarins top products.

Decleor Beauty Advent Calendar – £65

24 skin saviours from the bestselling ranges, including Hydra Floral and Aurabsolu.

Liz Earle Advent Calendar – £66

The 12 Days of Christmas, featuring iconic classics, skincare solutions, fine fragrance and all-important accessories.

Nuxe Beauty Advent Calendar – £49

A collection of luxurious skin and body care treats from NUXE.


Alcohol Advent Calendars (it’s Christmas after all!)

Virgin Wines Advent Calendar – £79.99

24 individual servings of wine, by Virgin.

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar – £49.99

24 bottles of red, white, rosé and fizz include in this advent calendar.

That Boutiquey Gin Advent Calendar – £99.95

3cl gin samples from the world’s first independent gin bottler.

Pip Stop Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar – £125

Add some extra sparkle to your Christmas with this calendar full of sparkling wines.


Jewellery Advent Calendars

Johnny Loves Rosie Advent Calendar – £55

25 doors to open with a mix of jewellery inside including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms.

Trouva Nutcracker Advent Calendar – £25

Charm braclet, with charms each day.

Lisa Angel Personaled Jewellery Advent Calendar – £55

Personalised packing, including luxury charm jewellery for 12 days of Christmas.

Aldi Jewellery Advent Calendar – £9.99

One of the most afforable alternative advent calendars available in Aldi stores.

Advent calendars are one of the best traditions to count down to Christmas with the kids. See my full list of other Christmas traditions you can try at home; Making Memorable Moments.

There are so many different advent calendars on the market this year. Gone are the days when you can only buy a chocolate calendar in the shops, even though we still love them.

Whatever your child is interested in there is plenty of choice.
Some of the best alternative advent calendars on the market for children are:

Kids Toy Advent Calendars

Happy Land – £25.99

Each door hides a fun Happy Land surprise.

Playmobil Advent Calendar – £19.99

There are a few themes of calendar available including Jewel Thief Police, Christmas On The Farm, Dress Up Party, Royal Ice Skating Trip and Pirate Treasure Island.

Lego City Advent Calendar – £19

24 different items, including 6 mini figures.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar – £18

24 items from the Lego Friends range.

Peppa Pig – Asda £25

12 Peppa Pig characters and 12 accessories.

Paw Patrol – £24.99

17 Paw Patrol figures and 7 accessories.

Early Learning Centre Big City Advent Calendar – £25

18 x vehicles, 3 sets of figures, 3 x road signs.

VTech Toot Toot Advent Calendar – £24

24 fun play pieces including a cute Toot-Toot Animals Reindeer and baby, Christmas decorations and more.

Thomas and Friends Advent Calendar – £35

Includes 24 minis and some special Christmas gifts.

Wow Toys Advent Calendar – £15

A new town themed toy everyday, matching the numbers with the fold down play scene.

Kids Craft Advent Calendars

Crayola Christmas Countdown – £19.99

Lots of Crayola items to get crafty.

Smiggle Advent Calendar – £25

All limited edition Smiggle items.

Early Learning Centre Soft Stuff Advent Calendar – £25

Includes 6 tubs of dough and 18 accessories.

Alternative Food Advent Calendars

Kellogg’s Selection Pack – £4 (Tesco)






Pringles – £7.99 B&M stores

Contains 12 tubs of Pringles for the 12 days of Christmas.

Organix Goodies Advent Calendar – £3.75 (plus postage)

Ideal for toddlers if you don’t want them having chocolate, inlcuding Gingerbread men and Alphabet biscuits.


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Christmas Eve boxes have been increasing in popularity each year.  A Christmas Eve box is a festive tradition where you take a box and fill it with goodies to enjoy on Christmas Eve. The trend started in the states and has been picked up around the world.

Now my eldest daughter is almost three we are going to start this tradition in our house. I got our boxes this year from Sue Ryder charity shop, £2.99 for two small boxes, perfect size for some pjs, treats and new Christmas books.

If you are looking for ideas to what you should put in your box this year see below my recommendations.

Christmas Eve Boxes

What should I include in my Christmas Eve Boxes?

There are so many creative ideas for what you can fill them with.
These are some favourites I’ve found;

  • Christmas PJs and socks – perfect for snuggling in together as a family.
  • Christmas book/story or film – something to watch together on Christmas Eve.
  • A family board game – perfect to share as a family across the holidays.
  • Snow globe or tree decoration – start a tradition to add a new one each year.
  • Sweet treats for the kids – most children love sweets or chocolate.
  • Hot chocolate powder – warm drinks to have while watching Christmas TV
  • Treats for Santa and his reindeer – a tipple for Santa and food to leave out for his helpers.
  • A plate for Santa’s treats – children will love leaving out the treats.
  • Bath bomb – encourage the children to have a bath before Christmas Day.
  • Letter from Santa – if they haven’t recieved one already.

Whatever you choose to fill them with, the children will enjoy the anticipation and process of opening them.
Christmas Eve boxes can also be sourced in places such as Home Bargains and Not On The High Street.

If you are looking for other traditons to enjoy over the Christmas season see my post on festive traditions.

I am always looking for new craft ideas to do with my toddler, so was pleased to find Aldi are selling small craft kits for Christmas.

All profits go to the Teenage Cancer Trust and at £1.99 per box you can’t complain.

We completed ours over two days with the painting and decoration. This is a fun low cost crafting activity for any age 2+.

There is nothing better than seeing your child’s face on Christmas morning. However as each year passes our houses slowly start filling up with more toys. This made me think of the presents I like to call Christmas crap.

Christmas Crap

Oh please don’t give her that,
Our house is already full of crap.
We already have a gigantic bear,
He’s so big he needs a chair.

A trampoline takes up so much room,
A box that big fills us with doom.
Plastic bits all over my floor,
Makes cleaning up such a chore.

One small gift is enough,
We don’t mean to be so tough.
But we are running out of space,
Money as a gift would be ace.

The Mummy Bubble