To celebrate our two daughters birthdays we took them on a day trip to London and visited the Sea Life aquarium London. We thought it would be a good place to visit for both their ages as they turned three and one. I wrote a poem each for the girls on their birthdays saved here; Turning Three and Turning One.

Sea Life Aquarium London Review

What and where is it?

Sea Life aquarium London is part of Merlin group. It is based on the South Bank in London just next to the London Eye and on the opposite side of the river to Big Ben.

The aquarium contains a variety of fish, sharks and even houses some penguins. You start your trip by walking over the Shark Walk, which is a glass floor over the shark tank. The girls were a little scared of it, but it got them excited for seeing the fish,

How much is it?

Tickets for just the aquarium are as follows:

Child (3+) – £21

Adult – £26

*based on time of publishing

You can buy tickets online before hand and save up to 20% or you could use a voucher if your able to get your hands on one for discounted entry.

Best Bits

The Sea Life aquarium London is the perfect day trip for very young children. The visuals as soon as you enter the aquarium are spectacular.The children especially loved helping to feed the sting rays, seeing the jellyfish in changing colours, peeking into the big tanks of fish and stroking the starfish.

Sea Life Aquarium London

The aquarium can be enjoyed by all ages, I really liked seeing the huge variety of fish and seeing the excitment through my daughters eyes.

What could be better?

The penguins were beautiful but hard for little ones to see. The area gets very busy as crowds try to see them. My little ones got pushed aside as they tried to squeeze in.

Their toilets are found near the beginning and end of the tour round. It’s a good idea to take little ones to one as soon as you see it, especially if they have only just been potty trained.


We loved the Sea Life aquarium London and would definitely recommend it for any age. The cost can add up when there are a few of you so look out for 241 deals and discount tickets. There is lots to do afterwards as well with the South Bank on the door step.

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This week has been a busy one. Our youngest daughter turned one and our eldest turned three. This is my post for my youngest as she reaches the milestone of turning one.

To celebrate both their birthday’s we took both of them to visit the Sea Life Aquarium in London. Sea Life is based in Central London on the South Bank. The girls absolutely loved it and it was perfect for both of them. We took them to lunch afterwards and then both fell asleep on the way home after all the excitment. This is our review, if your interested in going.

Turning one

My girls celebrating their birthdays at Sea World London

Happy Birthday our darling Beth we can’t wait for another year of adventures. This poem is for you.

Turning one

Our beautiful little girl,
Today you turn one.
Turning into a toddler,
Where has the year gone.

A year full of firsts.
Like when you first sat,
Stood up, rolled over,
Or tried to stroke our cat.

Now you can stand,
Take some steps on your own.
You can say a few words,
How you have grown.

Your cheeky at times,
You have a fake cry.
You love it when mummy,
Throws you up in the sky.

Your smile lights the room,
Your such a beautiful daughter.
I love seeing your face,
When you splash in the water.

You follow your sister,
And copy her play.
There’s some new to learn,
Every single day.

So now in the ones,
There’s so much fun to be had.
We love you forever,
Kisses from Mum and Dad.

If your childs birthday is coming up, you can get a birthday card on tv for them, see my get your birthday card on TV post.

Thankyou for reading my post and poem.
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Today it’s my eldest daughters third birthday. I can’t actually believe it’s three years ago since we welcomed her into the world. The saying the days are long but the years are short is so very true. Three years have been full of so many amazing memories with our eldest girl. This is my poem for her on her birthday as she is turning three.

Turning three

Today you turn three,
We asked what you’d like.
You wanted some wheels,
Your first shiny bike.

January upon us,
The celebrations begun.
A weekend of parties,
A birthday filled with fun.

Three years full of memories,
Like the first time you walked,
The first time you smiled,
The first words that you talked.

This year you grew,
Started speaking lots more.
You became a big sister,
Your baby you adore.

Our girl your so strong,
Funny and caring.
You look after your sister,
But your still learning sharing.

We say goodbye to the two’s,
And welcome the three’s.
Our baby is growing,
And now climbing trees.

Let’s go embrace the three’s,
So much adventure to be had.
We love you forever,
From your dear Mum and Dad.

Happy Birthday our gorgeous daughter Rose. We hope you had the best day.

Turning Three

To celebrate her and her sisters birthday, we took them to visit Sea Life aquarium London. We have put together a review of it here.

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A month ago or so I wrote a post about called things I didn’t think I would do as a parent. I put together this list as there were many preconceptions I had of how to parent before I came one. This post is looking at answering the question what makes a good parent.

Whilst being back at work (reasons for returning to work) I have being exposed to more people who are still pre-kids. This is a big change from my maternity days. Over the last year I spent the majority of days surrounded by mums, dads, grandparents and childminders at various baby groups. I’ve been surprised to overhear a few conversations from these pre-kids about what makes a good parent. There is a lot of judgmental people out there who think they would do a better job.

As I have some experience (although I still feel like a learner!) these are my thoughts about what actually makes a good parent.

What makes a good parent

Me trying to be the best parent I can be, to my little family

What makes a good parent (in my opinion!)

One who listens to their instincts

Parenting is full of decisions. Some small and daily decisions such as what to feed kids for lunch. Then there’s the big stuff like where to send your kid to school or nursery through to how strict you want to be with them about certain things. A good parent is one that listens to their own instincts when making decisions.

It’s good to take advice from others and look at different points of view but ultimately you just need to be confident in your own choices. There is no right and wrong to many parenting decisions, just find what works best for your family.

One who admits their own faults

Nobody is perfect all the time, we are all human with faults. I believe that we should show our own children our own faults so that they can understand and learn from vulnerability and humility.

Depending on what they are you might want to position what your tell your child appropriately. But don’t be afraid to let your child see the many facets of you.

One who spends quality time with their children

We are all busy individuals and life only gets busier with children. Whatever time we get to spend with them should be quality time. This means children are getting full adult attention. So put down the mobile phone and go out, spend time talking one on one to really embrace quality time.

One who encourages their child to express themselves

We all have preconceived ideas of what our children will become. However children are unlikely to become exactly who we expect.

We need to allow our children to learn to express their true self so that they build confidence and independence.

One who looks after their child’s health

As the primary caregivers for children, parents have the ultimate responsibility for monitoring our children’s health. Each child will have their own unique needs and it is up to parents to look after their child so their mental and physical health is at the optimum level possible.

One who is patient

Children at any age can be very testing. Patience can be a difficult to find in some situations but on the whole the more patience you can have as a parent the better.

One who shows themselves self-care

We will all slip up sometimes and find ourselves not giving everything to our parenting role. The most important thing is to be self-aware and rectify any behaviours. Showing your self some self-care is key to being the best you can be for you and your family.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

I’m sure you’re doing a great job being a good parent for your family.

A fellow blogger (Dad v World) asked on Twitter how many bloggers have quit their full-time job and now blog as their only job from home. It’s been three months since I started my blog (my first post) and have so far made absolutely diddlysquat. I have since returned to my paid job from maternity leave and my job is my only source of income. The tweet got me thinking about who would be on my list of inspirational professional bloggers. I hope by learning from them (and others I’m yet to uncover) so that I can turn my own blogging passion into profit.

Inspirational Professional Bloggers

In the parenting blogging world there are lots of parents who run their blog professionally. These are a handful of professional bloggers and their blogs that inspired me to start mine.

The Unmumsy Mum

Whilst on my first maternity leave my NCT group and I discovered The Unmumsy Mum. We loved her unique take on motherhood. Her posts used to make us feel better that we are all in it together.

Her posts are bound to make you laugh. One of my favourite posts was Fuck you supermum. It’s refreshing to read a blog written with such truth, humour and honesty.

Hollie Poetry

It wasn’t her blog necessarily that inspired me but her poetry. I’ve only just discovered her blog from writing this post. Her words describing motherhood hit the nail on the head for me. See some of her most famous poems here. 

If I could write a poem that was 10% as good as hers I would be happy.

In The Playroom

Anna who runs In The Playroom, is the first blogger who I met in real life. Meeting Anna and hearing her story, pushed me over the edge to starting my own blog. I had been pondering starting one for six months before, but until that point had never met another parent blogger.

In The Playroom has some great craft ideas for young children. Such as Valentine crafts and Alphabet crafts.

I’m sure there are many other bloggers who will continue to inspire my work. My long-term goal for Mumversation is to keep up the momentum and refine my writing. So that one day I can be seen as a professional blogger.

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Thanks for reading.