Family moving abroad

My brother and family have just taken the big step to move abroad this week. It’s a huge change for my god-daughter at only 6, starting a new school in a new country. Although we are used to having an international family we will miss our family moving abroad.

This is my poem for our Beijing family, especially my gorgeous god-daughter, neice and cousin to my girls (we’ll miss you the most!). Good luck on your new adventure.

Family moving abroad

It’s the start of an adventure
A new page in your book.
A new chapter begins,
A big step you just took.

A plane ride to China,
Starts the journey for you.
A chance for a restart,
Where everything is new.

Lots of change,
With new school, job and home.
There may be an ocean between us,
But your never alone.

We’ll talk on Skype,
You’ll come over to stay.
A new start can be scary,
But it’ll all be ok.

We wish you the best,
We know you’ll be great.
Make sure you keep in touch,
We look forward to every update.

Family Moving Abroad

We hope all goes well in your first week as Beijing residents. Never forget you have us here for when you need us.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all.
We look forward to your first visit back!

Thankyou for reading.
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