Our daughter turning one

This week has been a busy one. Our youngest daughter turned one and our eldest turned three. This is my post for my youngest as she reaches the milestone of turning one.

To celebrate both their birthday’s we took both of them to visit the Sea Life Aquarium in London. Sea Life is based in Central London on the South Bank. The girls absolutely loved it and it was perfect for both of them. We took them to lunch afterwards and then both fell asleep on the way home after all the excitment. This is our review, if your interested in going.

Turning one

My girls celebrating their birthdays at Sea World London

Happy Birthday our darling Beth we can’t wait for another year of adventures. This poem is for you.

Turning one

Our beautiful little girl,
Today you turn one.
Turning into a toddler,
Where has the year gone.

A year full of firsts.
Like when you first sat,
Stood up, rolled over,
Or tried to stroke our cat.

Now you can stand,
Take some steps on your own.
You can say a few words,
How you have grown.

Your cheeky at times,
You have a fake cry.
You love it when mummy,
Throws you up in the sky.

Your smile lights the room,
Your such a beautiful daughter.
I love seeing your face,
When you splash in the water.

You follow your sister,
And copy her play.
There’s some new to learn,
Every single day.

So now in the ones,
There’s so much fun to be had.
We love you forever,
Kisses from Mum and Dad.

If your childs birthday is coming up, you can get a birthday card on tv for them, see my get your birthday card on TV post.

Thankyou for reading my post and poem.
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