Inspirational Professional Bloggers

A fellow blogger (Dad v World) asked on Twitter how many bloggers have quit their full-time job and now blog as their only job from home. It’s been three months since I started my blog (my first post) and have so far made absolutely diddlysquat. I have since returned to my paid job from maternity leave and my job is my only source of income. The tweet got me thinking about who would be on my list of inspirational professional bloggers. I hope by learning from them (and others I’m yet to uncover) so that I can turn my own blogging passion into profit.

Inspirational Professional Bloggers

In the parenting blogging world there are lots of parents who run their blog professionally. These are a handful of professional bloggers and their blogs that inspired me to start mine.

The Unmumsy Mum

Whilst on my first maternity leave my NCT group and I discovered The Unmumsy Mum. We loved her unique take on motherhood. Her posts used to make us feel better that we are all in it together.

Her posts are bound to make you laugh. One of my favourite posts was Fuck you supermum. It’s refreshing to read a blog written with such truth, humour and honesty.

Hollie Poetry

It wasn’t her blog necessarily that inspired me but her poetry. I’ve only just discovered her blog from writing this post. Her words describing motherhood hit the nail on the head for me. See some of her most famous poems here. 

If I could write a poem that was 10% as good as hers I would be happy.

In The Playroom

Anna who runs In The Playroom, is the first blogger who I met in real life. Meeting Anna and hearing her story, pushed me over the edge to starting my own blog. I had been pondering starting one for six months before, but until that point had never met another parent blogger.

In The Playroom has some great craft ideas for young children. Such as Valentine crafts and Alphabet crafts.

I’m sure there are many other bloggers who will continue to inspire my work. My long-term goal for Mumversation is to keep up the momentum and refine my writing. So that one day I can be seen as a professional blogger.

If your new to my blog here are some of my favourite posts: Working parent vs stay at home parent and why I didn’t enjoy pregnancy. 

Thanks for reading.


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