Before 40 bucket list

My birthday is coming up next week in January, I’m turning 35. Woo hoo! I am perfectly comfortable with my age. However it has made me think is there anything else I want to achieve before I hit my 40s. So I have decided to create my own before 40 bucket list as motivation.

Why create a Bucket List

If I think back over the last five years I realise I have completed a hell of a lot. Having my two children and getting married for a starter are absolutely at the top of my list. These were all huge, life changing events. So as I look forward now to my hopes for the second half of this decade, I want to focus on just living and enjoying life as a family of four.Bucket list - under 30 running London marathon

Having a bucket list gives me focus on what I hope to achieve and ambition to succeed. I only choose things which are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) as I know that goals with these attributes are far more likely to happen.

On my bucket list before I turned 30 there was only one goal to run the London Marathon. This was a SMART goal because it was:

  • Very specific to a place and distance.
  • Measurable as it was completed once run.
  • Attainable as I had run three half marathons before this.
  • Realistic as I gained a place through the ballot.
  • Timely as I had a place secured when I was 29 years old.

Before 40 Bucket List

  • Have afternoon tea at the Ritz (just me and hubby) – this has been something I have wanted to do for ages. This is likely to be achievable as we have already booked it for hubby’s birthday later on this year. If you would like to go, see their website.Bucket List - afternoon tea
  • Get a grown up kitchen – this is a big one for me. We moved into our house and renovated before having children. The only room we didn’t touch was the kitchen, before I reach 40 I would love to have a kitchen of my choice. We hope to start work this year so is an attainable goal.
  • Take the girls to Disney Paris – I would love to go to Disney World Florida but I’m not sure that’s likely in the next five years. Especially with us hoping to invest in our kitchen! However I would love to do a smaller trip of Disney Paris with the girls so they can get a taste of the magic.
  • Start reading again – Having children has definitely taken away any leisure time I had for reading. I would love to get back into reading a handful of books each year.
  • Take longer video recordings of the family – Smart phones have made it so easy to take short videos of the family. However I want to capture longer video recordings. Then in the future and really visualise what our lives were like. This is attainable as I have a camcorder, I just need to get it out more.
  • Grow my blog – Mumversation is still in its infancy, I hope that over the next five years I can grow my blog much further. From my first post in November 2017 I hope to continue building my content and community. My overall goal is to create a place where it’s ok to speak about all the things that make us mums.

Here’s to the next five years

This is my current bucket list. I’m sure it will evolve regularly over the next five years.

I hope you enjoyed reading my bucket list, if you have any comments you can add them below or look me up on my Contact me page.

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