Rock Painting With Children

Rock painting with childrenRock painting with children is one of the latest trends. I came across it when I was looking for low-cost craft ideas to do with my toddler. Rocking painting incorporates the trend of rock painting and then hiding them.

Rock painting is basically where you take a rock which you have found or bought, paint it and then hide for another to find.

There are whole communities of people painting, hiding and seeking rocks in their local areas. Usually hiding their rocks in local parks or tourist spots.

Many sign up to Facebook groups to share their passion and support one another. Love on the rocks Facebook group is one of the largest ones in the U.K.

The level of creativity you can find in the Facebook groups is outstanding. There are truly some artists in the UK creating masterpieces on rocks. This is a trend that is not only popular with children but is growing more and more so with adults as well.

Rock Painting with Children

Why it’s a great craft for children?

Children can be as creative as they want to be with this hobby craft. They love getting out the paints and creating their own little rocks.

There is no right and wrong to this craft that’s why it’s so wonderful for children. Even some simple colours on a rock can transform it ready for hiding.

The children then have the joy of taking their rocks to their local park and finding hiding spots. If you hide them well the rocks might not be found for a long time, so you can keep checking up on them each visit.

If you are connected to a Facebook group you can always add a note on your rock so that others know where to find you.

What do you need to rock paint?

rock painting with children

Our simple rocks painted by Rose aged 2

As in the simplicity of this craft you only need a few things to get going, especially when doing rock painting with children;

  • Rocks (big enough to get creative with but not too big so you can’t carry them!)
  • Paint – acrylics work best
  • Paint brushes – any small brush would work for children
  • Varnish – a low-cost varnish will do
  • Apron – worth getting your child to wear an apron when using acrylics

How to rock paint

  1. Choose and clean your rock
  2. Choose a design or go free flow when painting
  3. Paint your rock
  4. Let dry
  5. Varnish your rock
  6. Let dry
  7. Take you rock out and hide!

Ideas for your rocks

  • Glitter bugs
  • Lady bugs
  • Seasonal rocks
  • Favourite characters

We have hidden some of our rocks locally so are looking forward to seeing if they have gone next time we go into the park. Here our hidden rocks on instagram.

If you are looking for other ideas on crafts to do with your children see Aldi Christmas Fairy and Elf doors and Aldi Christmas Baubles Craft.

Good luck with your painting.