Parenting tips from scandinavia

Across the world there is one thing that stays true, that parenting is both joyful but hard for everyone. We all have coping mechanisms to get us through our daily lives. Parenting is all about learning and trying different things and we should be doing more to learn from each other. Scandinavian countries consistently deliver some of the highest scores for childhood happiness. As I spent the first few years of my life in Norway, I am intrigued to see what I can learn to improve my children’s happiness. I have done some research to dig out some of the most fascinating parenting tips from Scandinavia.

Parenting tips from Scandinavia

Daily Outdoor Time

In all Scandinavian countries is it the norm for children to get outdoor exposure everyday. Even in the mist of winter children and even babies are encouraged to wrap up and get outside. Babies will often be left to nap outside in their prams. Parents believe that getting outside daily is good for your health.

Hands-off Parenting

Freedom and independence are key pillars of parenting in the Nordic’s. Children are encouraged to explore, play and learn themselves. Scandinavian countries are some of the safest in the world, so parents are more relaxed about letting their children go free.

Close Connections

In Iceland as most people live in areas that have a village feel, connections with family and friends are paramount. In Sweden the government helps new mums connect with other mums in their local area. Parenting is seen as a role for the whole community.


Most children in Scandinavian countries attend child care. The government heavily subsidises childcare from one, so parents can work without worry of the cost. They encourage free play and don’t push any academics until they are a lot older.


Hopefully you are able to use some of these tips Scandinavia parents and they are of use on your parenting journey.



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  1. December 3, 2017 / 5:53 pm

    Scandinavians certainly sound like they have it right, outdoors, subsidised childcare and good connections. I am sure we have a lot to learn from Scandinavia. I also make sure we have some outside time It is a very rare day that we don’t get out and about. It is for me as much as it is them! Thank you for joining us at #familyfun