The trouble with two

When you become a parent of one your life changes beyond all expectation. Not only does your life (and your arms) become full of cuddles, giggles and lots of nappy changes, but also you fundamentally change as a person. Your mind shifts. Once you welcome that child into the world you can never again switch off the parent worry button in your mind.

So when I fell pregnant with number two I couldn’t imagine how life could once again shift as dramatically. Don’t get me wrong, I knew having a second child would mean more work. I just thought it meant more clothes washing and nappy changing.

Boy was I wrong! The change happens slower than with your first, at the beginning the newborn slides into your life with their gurgling noises and scrunched up faces. Then as time goes by, you slowly realise your life has gone up a gear and suddenly you now have two very active young beings to look after in the world. Not only is your body pulled this way and that, but so is your mind as you balance your time between them.

Gone is the luxury of any me time and now you are in the mist of learning to juggle with two. Often you find yourself splitting control with your partner and taking responsibility for one each. The trouble with two is one will always be in demand of you and downtime is rare.

The upside of two

Even with the juggle, for us two might be trouble but they are most definitely worth it. The first interactions between the two are priceless and I know watching that relationship grow will be one of the greatest joys of my life.

For those of you who decide to grow your family further, I take my hat off to you super mum’s. I imagine that you find coping strategies to deal with their competing demands and temperaments. However I hope that some where in the chaos you manage to carve a bit of time for you.