Rhyme time

Across the country local libraries hold weekly events for little ones called Rhyme Time. We often go to our local library’s session when we don’t have any other plans with friends.

Beth enjoying the instruments at Rhyme Time

During the session there are nursery rhymes, simple stories, songs and finger rhymes. They are usually free and last about 30 minutes, depending on your area. The age limit they allow may be different depending on council but Rhyme Time is usually suitable for up to and including three-year olds. Both of my two daughters (2 years old and 9 months old) seem to enjoy and get a lot from the session.

Rhyme time is a great way to introduce your child to utilising a local library, whilst enjoying learning popular nursery rhymes. Repeating nursery rhymes have proven to be great for language development. They have a consistent rhythm which helps hold the child’s attention. The repetition makes it easy for them to learn a variety of words, which is good for their speech development. It is also a nice way of introducing babies and toddlers to their local library and encourages them to pick up and read books.

Favourite rhymes at our library include Old MacDonald, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Five Little Ducks and The Hokey Cokey!

Just as a warning Rhyme Time is usually a ticketed event (ours is always full) so you need to get there on time and get a ticket from a member of staff.