How to get your kid’s birthday card on TV

Last year I took on the challenge of getting my daughter Rose’s 2nd birthday card on TV. We were thankfully successful and she appeared on Milkshake on the big day.

The effort of making and sending the card was so worth it when she saw her face on TV. I was surprised by how emotional it made me seeing her on the big screen and we still watch it once in a while!

I’ve been doing some research on what to do this year now we have two birthdays to celebrate.



The options for channels you can appear on are:


Cards need to arrive a month before the big day.


Cards need to arrive 4 weeks before the big day. They receive a lot of cards so only show about half!

Disney Junior

They have something called the Disney Junior Birthday book. To get in this you need to upload a photo by the 1st of the month, a month before the little ones birthday.

Nick Jr

Nick Jr is slightly different as they offer a free Birthday phone call from one of the favourite characters. The call is from your pick from Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, Paw patrol, Dora, Bubble Guppies, Peter Rabbit, Wally or Sponge Bob. Just sign up online for this one.

This year Rose wants to appear on CBeebies, so I have started the card process for both the girls. I better make sure they are good though with a 50% show rate. One plus is I can get away with posting both together as their birthdays are so close. Fingers crossed we get on TV in January!