Best products for babies

There are an endless amount of products for babies on the market. After having two of them I’ve done a lot of research and product testing at home!
Here are my top ten baby products which I’ve found to be essential during that precious first year:
  1. Moses basket/bed side crib – a safe place baby can sleep in your bedroom
  2. Baby wipes – you will never not need a packet of these with a baby around
  3. Pram – the best option is to find a pram that has the longest use for your needs as they are one of the more expensive investments
  4. Car seat – buy the best option for your car and budget, this could be a life saver so worth doing some research
  5. High chair – you will absolutely need some sort of chair when they start weaning, look for one that’s easy to clean
  6. Bouncer – look for one where it’s safe for baby to fall asleep in for daytime naps
  7. Playmat – essential if you have hard wood floors like us so babies can play safely
  8. Babygrows- nothing beats a baby dressed in a baby grow for comfort
  9. Thermometer – a decent one to check babies, if you notice they are too hot or cold
  10. Nappy bin – not on everyone’s top 10 but I think there is nothing worse than the smell of nappies in a normal bin