Deciding what to take travelling with a baby can be a bit of a mind field. At home you can easily be reliant on hundreds of baby products, that when travelling with a baby you struggle to keep things to the basics. It’s important to prioritise what you carry so these are my top tips on what you’ll need when away from home.

What to take travelling with a baby


If you don’t have access to a washing machine while your away, you’ll need enough clothes to last the duration of your trip. If away for over a week it might be worth bringing a small hand clothes wash liquid to avoid taking too many spares.

Bed and bedding

Unless your accommodation already has a place for the baby to safely sleep, you’ll need a travel cot. These can be bought easily through Amazon such as this one from Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot (affiliate link).

We have always rented places with travel cots for hire. This saves precious packing space. If renting a travel cot it’s still a good idea to take your own bedding. We use a travel cot mattress which is easy and light to carry and provides extra comfort. This is covered by a top sheet, then whatever bedding they’re used to from Gro bag to blanket. Amazon sell plenty of options for travel cots including this one from Super Soft Luxury Quilted Mattress (affiliate link).

Feeding equipment

Depending on what stage they’re at on the feeding journey you’ll need some equipment with you. Bottles, bibs, baby bowl and spoon are the sort of thing you’ll need.

If using formula you’ll need to plan exactly how much they’ll get through when away as you may not be able to buy your preferred brand.

Buggy and car seat

Whilst your child is very young you will want to take a buggy and car seat with you when travelling. Unless your able to rent when you arrive.

It’s worth checking the legal rules for car seats as there will be different rulings.

If your travel involves flying you might want to purchase a cheaper stroller for your trip. Airports treat buggies like suitcases so are prone to damage when they are shoved in the hold!


Nappies are heavy but it might be necessary to take enough for your whole trip. Do some research and check where you can buy some when away.

If your away in the U.K. you won’t need to worry so much about carrying too many nappies as they can be bought almost everywhere (unless you only use specific brands).


It may be worth carrying a few favourite toys and books on your break. Small toys to keep your baby occupied whilst travelling and a much-loved book to read each night at bed time.


Planning ahead is key when away with little ones. Think about how long you’ll be away and what you’ll have access to. Try and not over pack though as you may find you’ll have to pay excess baggage for just carrying a few extra packs of nappies!

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Simpson Travel are looking for two brand ambassadors to join them this year in trying out one of their amazing holidays. Simpson Travel specialise in luxury villas, apartments and hotel accommodation for holidays in France, Greece, Turkey, Mallorca, Italy, Corsica and Spain.

This post is our application for the position.

Simpson Travel

Simpson Travel offer holidays that you dream about as a family. They have a range of  holidays on their website which are built with families in mind. Private villas and rental accommodation of the highest standard for rent in the sun. All chosen based on their location for local amenities, such as shops, restaurants and beaches.

As a parent with two under fives, a villa or apartment is the perfect holiday choice. Young children need space and you need space from them. Renting a villa or apartment allows you to set up as a home from home. Giving you room during the day for everyone to run around in. Then space in the evening for the adults to enjoy each other’s company whilst the children sleep.

Simpson Travel differ from other companies as they not only offer stylish rentals, they also have a service called Simpson Crèches. This sounds amazing, in two of the locations they have a onsite nanny service. You can pick and choose when you want the children to go, but could mean that you get some free time to yourself and the children will have a blast as well.

Another plus to the Simpson Travel service is the majority of their flights are with British Airways. This is great as the service from them is of the highest quality, which is what you need when your travelling with small people. The less stress you can have when travelling with children the better.

Brand Ambassador

As a family of four we would love to go and represent Simpson Travel as a brand ambassador this year and experience a holiday first hand. Before children I used to travel widely and blogged across my solo travels across South America with Travel Buddy. My blog was featured as one of their featured travel blogs at the time.

My husband and I have enjoyed holidays with a difference, from driving down the coast of Spain, to exploring the coast of Croatia and finally getting married in the beautiful Island of Rhodes, Greece.

We haven’t yet taken a holiday as a family of four, but we are always on the look out for new places to visit and try out. Being a Simpson Travel ambassador would give us an amazing opportunity to introduce our girls to a new place, whilst enjoying your luxury service.

Below is my poem for the judges at Simpson Travel, if you haven’t decided yet that we are the perfect candidate hopefully this wins you over!

My daughter and I in Greece

My daughter and I in Greece

Family holidays

Time together,
Away from the home.
Hours together,
No mobile phone.

Sun, sea and sand,
A bucket and spade.
Hours of fun,
A castle we made.

Laughter and giggles,
New places to explore.
A world of adventure,
Maybe even a tour.

Ice creams and lollies,
Drinks on the terrace.
Building moments forever,
The memories we cherish.

A holiday with Simpson Travel,
Now that would be cool.
We wouldn’t say no,
To time by the pool.

A crèche for the kids,
Time alone for mum and dad.
A fabulous holiday,
In a luxury pad.

We’d love you to choose us,
To be your travel ambassador.
A holiday to remember,
We know it would be spectacular.

Thank you for reading my post and thank you Simpson Travel for considering our application.
If your interested in any of their holidays see their website here. I wasn’t paid for this post, it was written as a prospective post to become brand ambassador.

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It has just over a month since I ended my second maternity and started back at work (my returning to work post). Whilst there have been highs and lows of being at work, home life seems to have gone up a notch in terms of management. Not only do that kids have to be looked after pre/post working hours, but there’s still food to be made, clothes to be washed and a house to be cleaned.  The list of chores is endless and is never complete. I have now come to the realisation that when you have a two parent working household, your life turns into a circus. This our my reasons why my life is like a circus (what’s a circus).

My life is like a circus

Circus we took the girls to at Christmas

My life is like a circus

The juggler

My husband and I are a juggling act, as we work out our schedules for pick up and drop offs, running errands, doing chores, cooking meals, visitings friends. In a strange coincidence my husband has started to learn to juggle actual juggling balls. He hopes that one day he will be able to do a full juggling show for the girls birthdays.

The clown

My life is like a circus

The juggler

No this is not me and my makeup before I head to work, or at least I hope not!

Not only do my children act like clowns a lot/most of the time. Both my husband and I both become clowns on a regular basis in our house when playing with the kids. This includes acting as lions (see lion tamer below).

The tightrope walker

There are times of the day that you have to tread very careful in our house. When over tiredness kicks in, careful consideration of words and actions with toddlers is highly advisable. I walk the tightrope line at least once a day to avoid a complete meltdown.

The magician/illusionist

My eldest daughter fulfills the role of the magician very well. She disappears when she wants, likes to pull tricks on people and can transform her self from a lovable three-year old to a terror tot in 5 seconds!

The lion tamer

Every night in our house the girls like to play lions. Daddy gets on the floor and they take it in turns to jump on him! As he is the lion I would say that I am the lion tamer as I then try to calm the girls back down before books and bedtime.

The contortionist

My youngest is amazing at this, as she throws her body to around to avoid any attempt at adding or removing clothes. No one can understand how strong a baby can be, until they need to change a vest when they have finally learnt their independence.

The ring master

I like to think this is me, the head honcho of the family and master of ceremonies. Bringing all the many part and people together to run as smoothly as possible every single show time.

Have you found that your life is like a circus as well? If so it would be great to receive your comments.
If you’re a working parent or decided to be a stay at home parent, here are my poems for you (saved here).

My brother and family have just taken the big step to move abroad this week. It’s a huge change for my god-daughter at only 6, starting a new school in a new country. Although we are used to having an international family we will miss our family moving abroad.

This is my poem for our Beijing family, especially my gorgeous god-daughter, neice and cousin to my girls (we’ll miss you the most!). Good luck on your new adventure.

Family moving abroad

It’s the start of an adventure
A new page in your book.
A new chapter begins,
A big step you just took.

A plane ride to China,
Starts the journey for you.
A chance for a restart,
Where everything is new.

Lots of change,
With new school, job and home.
There may be an ocean between us,
But your never alone.

We’ll talk on Skype,
You’ll come over to stay.
A new start can be scary,
But it’ll all be ok.

We wish you the best,
We know you’ll be great.
Make sure you keep in touch,
We look forward to every update.

Family Moving Abroad

We hope all goes well in your first week as Beijing residents. Never forget you have us here for when you need us.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all.
We look forward to your first visit back!

Thankyou for reading.
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As we approach the beginning of February suddenly half term is just around the corner. As I’m now back at work (back to work post), I don’t actually get half term myself but I still like to see what’s on in case they fall on the weekend. These are my top Harrow area half term ideas for your children. A fair few of them have Valentine’s themes as the 14th falls within half term this year.

Harrow area half term ideas

Harrow Arts Centre

Regent February Half Term Holiday School
A holiday camp for school aged children based on learning, 12th-16th Feb.

Jungle Book Musical
Fun filled musical on 13th Feb.

Amazing Animation Workshop
Four-day workshop with Gemma Burditt, develop artistic skills and making your own creative animation, 13th-16th Feb.

Messy Moo Valentine’s Special
Valentines themed Messy and Crafty Moo Special for 1 – 5 year olds and their grown ups, 14th Feb.

Boss Baby Workshop
Workshop following showing of the film Boss Baby, on 14th Feb.

Wild Zoo Workshop
Workshop following showing of the film Zootropolis, on 16th Feb.

Headstone Manor

Wonderful Wacky Windows
A day of activities to explore the art in the collection and make your own Gothic stained glass windows on 11th Feb.

100 Banners Workshop
Free workshop to make banners, on 17th Feb.

Stylish Shadows
Find out how artists make shadow portraits and have your own silhouette taken by lamplight, on 18th Feb.

Others venues

Create and Grow
Drop in event at Squires in Stanmore, 12th-16th Feb.

Ballet Camp
Half term ballet camp for 3-7 year olds, 12th-15th Feb.

Football and Tennis Camp
Half term football and tennis camp in Stanmore, running 12th-16th Feb.

Valentine’s Disco
A family friendly disco based in Pinner on the 13th Feb.

Family Valentine’s Workshop
Relax Kids Harrow invites you to share and celebrate the love in your family, 14th Feb.

Little Acorns Theatre Academy
Drama theatre workshops, for 3.5-16 year olds, 14th and 15th Feb.

Creative Advertising Workshop
A children’s event at Heath Robinson’s museum in Pinner, on 15th Feb.

Thankyou for reading my blog, please feel free to leave me a comment if you find these posts helpful.